With on-board inverter

Our inverter board is designed to be easily adaptable to the control requirements of the customer. It is possible to monitor both three-phase asynchronous motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors.

The card allows different control and communication possibilities:

  • Analogue inputs
  • Digital inputs/outputs
  • Communication with various RS232 - RS485 protocols
  • Control via infrared

We have currently developed one size with 250W output power, 230V rated motor voltage and 115V-60Hz or 230V-50Hz board supply voltage.

The board can be integrated into the aluminium motor board cover; alternatively it is supplied with a plastic casing measuring 135x95H67 (including aluminium heatsink).

Larger sizes are under development.

Each inverter board is tested and we develop internally the testing system that simulates the customer's control system.


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